Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What a lot of fun

these past few weeks have been.
My great granddaughter, Shayda, got to spend two weeks of days with me. She went to her Godmother's house at night.
Naturally, with the crawling comes the word no, which she likes no better than the next little one.

She had pneumonia while she was here and was in the hospital for 24 hours. Praise the Lord for her only being there that length of time. Then the real fun started. Trust me when I tell you it is no fun when you have to give a 9 month old a breathing treatment. We all found if we sang to her it would go so much easier. Except for Old McDonald, for some reason Shayda did not like that song and would screech at ya if you tried to stick it in there.

My daughter works nights so she gets to Wal-Mart really early. She hit the motherlode of Shayda clothing at $1.25 apiece. We have one of the best dressed little gals, in Valentine marked down clothing, that you ever saw. LOL

The church I attend has been so nice in including me in the things they do and I do so love it. It is always nice to be asked. The live gospel music we went to hear didn't turn out to be gospel after all but it was a birthday celebration get together for one of the gals, so we didn't mind. I thank God for pointing me to this church when I moved here.

My oldest grandson is 16 now and has his license. No car yet. I suppose that means he'll be looking for a job that might not lay him off during the off season. He is taking the Driver's Ed course anyway to keep the cost of insurance down a bit. My youngest granddaughter is taking this course right along with him. She turns 16 in August so it is all a necessary evil. lol

Tomorrow is a town day.....just need a few things for the chicken enchiladas. No, not the chicken. That is the one thing I have. But have no tortillas or sour cream and they are an absolute must.

Good nite and God Bless.


  1. I am new here! Would love if you come visit and follow me too! Have a beautiful day! :) Shauna

  2. I love great sales like the one the first year the local Walmart opened on boys clothes--had two and they really got a wardrobe that year. Or when the local Lane Bryant closet its doors and I picked up clothes to get me some--I had dropped weight and nopthing fit. Joy!

    Grandchildren are fun. It is different than the parent/responsibility thing with friendship coming in adulthood. I love my grandkids--boy do they ever grow fast. Enjoy yours.

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