Saturday, December 10, 2011

Are you all ready?

Are you all set for Christmas? I'm still not. I need to go get 2 gifts and at least I know what I want to get. Otherwise, one of them will be homemade and that is not a bad thing. I know it would be appreciated.
I've made two different kinds of cookies and I'm not making is just too tempting to me and my arteries don't need the cholesterol. It is just my daughter and I at the house now, and she sleeps during the day and works at night.
My grandson has been reclassified and now gets a 4 hour off campus visit each week. Christmas will be a "free" day and although it is still only 4 hours he is anxiously awaiting it. Presents are still presents at any age I guess. lol
We've decided we are going to have steak on Christmas. My daughter and grandson are big carnivores and love red meat.
I got my Christmas cards out earlier in December and had such a good head start that I just laid back and now the push is on. The wrapping is a big thing or my back thinks so. hehehe Our tree went up last Sunday when the grandson was here. I love looking at the lights and ornies. I picked up a small gourd with 1/3 cut off and a nativity scene in it. It is my favorite.
My son brought over Thick Green Chili Roast Beef to fill tortillas. It is so good, I'm glad he likes to cook b/c he is a darned good Chef. As a child he loved to help me when I cooked in the wok, he later took it over and mmm, good meals followed.
My 11 year old grandson got his first deer this year. I know they were making jerky and had a bunch of steaks cut up. I just saw the picture and forgot to count the antler tips. He's so proud and he should be, he did very well.
May the Lord Bless you all richly. Merry Christmas!

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  1. Sounds like you are ready to me.... I must confess... I don't decorate any longer. Can't see the point when we are not home a lot.

    I do have all the gifts except for one little thing to add to my Sister in Laws gift card.

    Tomorrow, we are going to decorate my In laws tree. They are in their 90s and she still loves decorating. So all of us get together and have a decorating party.