Sunday, November 16, 2014


is now on the ground. I am so in the Christmas mood that it is hard to wait until after Thanksgiving to set up my tree. I am blessed with my friend coming for a few days this coming week. It is always so much fun, even if we only sit and play Canasta. Then my mom is coming to spend Thanksgiving with me. She did this last year and I enjoyed it so much. We went to my son's house for the Big meal. We made peppermint patties and I sent them home with her as she loves mint. Of course we visited and napped when appropriate. I've already started making my Christmas Candies and Breads. I love to give these things to my family for Christmas. My sister hides her pail full of goodies so her hubby doesn't have them gone in a flash. lol Have you gotten your Holiday baking started? Perhaps it is done. Enjoy what you will be enjoyed by whoever receives it. Thursday Bible Study was really enjoyable. We put together and filled the Christmas boxes for Operation Christmas. Next Thursday we are watching the movie God is Not Dead. I'm happy to be able to see it. Enjoy the happiness of the coming Holidays and Remember The Reason For The Season. Blessing Upon You All.

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