Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Quite the switch up round here

We had a gorgeous day of sunshine today. I loved it!! It sure beat yesterday, when I awoke to no electricity. (Naturally our heat out here in the boonies needs electricity to kick on) Perfect excuse for sitting in a chair bundled up with my 2 poodles on my lap. Believe you me, that is just what I did. Stick a hand out and read the Bible or a magazine for awhile then shove it under again for warmth. That got old by 4 p. m. Had to call hubby's work and they brought me (us) out a generator and heater to use.
So, do you think they deserve a plate of cookies or some fudge? I sure do. Even though the electicity was on half an hour after they got me fixed is such a blessing to know they are kind and caring people.
Enough of this woman's country rambling........later.