Thursday, March 11, 2010

Do You Have Pancakes?

I got syrup. lol I made maple syrup and chokecherry syrup yesterday. Let me tell you a little secret, the first time I made chokecherry was supposed to be jelly. Guess what!!! It wasn't and we love it as syrup. Now, how's that for luck?

Today was a go in to town day. They are coming fast and furious lately.
It is always a 5 hour ordeal, at least. But I get to shop. I used to hate shopping...I am learning to love it. Although I would much rather do it in front of the computer. Better selection and you can put your feet up. For the small price of postage it sure saves a person's feet and legs, not to mention gasoline.

This whole calender month is marked all up....I am going to enjoy this vacation. I do believe someone will have a computer...Actually, I know they do. Mercy, what would I do without a couple hours a day getting mesmerized in front of this screen. It is like a beloved old friend.

I hope to get some painting in tomorrow. Hubs is helping and getting me things to paint on. Bless his heart.

Until we meet again, or the syrup is gone.