Wednesday, March 12, 2014


is coming. On the first day of Spring I will be heading to my sisters house. Mama's birthday is on the 26th. She will be 84. So I will be there to help celebrate. Also, my niece, Sam, and her boyfriend are coming to my sister's on the 23rd. Nolan, the boyfriend, composed a piece of music that is going to be played as this years Sandhills Symphony on the 24th. So much to do and see and hear. I can't wait to get there. It will be a fun time for us all. I made a trip to the Dollar Store this morning and picked up a bunch of combs and hair accessories. Our church starts early for our Operation Christmas Child with a different item or items each month. I enjoy my time in the store for these shopping trips, it's enjoyable. Tomorrow is bread day at our apartment complex. Lots of bread and sometimes fruits, sweets, etc. are delivered instead of being tossed to the trash. I live in a mostly elderly folk apartment building and we can always use the items they bring. We are thankful to get them. Now, remember, wear green next Monday or you just might get pinched.