Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Come back little Shayda!!

She went home with her mama yesterday. The Good Lord let us care for her for over a week. We didn't have her all to ourselves though, my son's household tag-teamed with us to care for the little darling. We were floating in happiness and sleep deprivation. One of the days the poor little thing cried for 6 straight hours. She is colicy. We knew that, but it sure brought back old times of when our babies were 6weeks old. I adore singing to her, lots of the songs from my high school years. Sigh!!! The good ole days that I would never even want to go back to. LOL

So, are you all gearing up for the 4th of July? Menus all figured out? We will be going to my son's house. He always has a BBQ and fireworks display. That is when we get to see our little Shaydabug again too. And eat salads and cookies and burgers. Yum. We all take different dishes to share and it is always so enjoyable.

My 15 year old grandson is working at the Goodwill. Today and tomorrow, 5 hours each day of community service. Yes, it is what the judge ordered. He also ordered counseling and I wish he'd have ordered church. He'd learn a bit there too. Now, me, I was just at the Goodwill this morning. Found a skirt, lacy jacket and a neon green T-shirt. I figured when I wore the T-shirt I'd surely never lose myself. LOL
I could go to the Goodwill every day and not get tired of it.

Enough nonesense and since that is hard for me to do (never been accused of being a no nonsense person) I wish you all a beautiful Summer evening.