Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Good Morning!

What a whirlwind these past 2 months have been.  While it is good to stay is also so good to slow down a bit.
I was helping my sister, who had back surgery, during the month of Febr.  Mom lives with sis and her husband, so I did a bit of double duty during that month.  Fixing meals for more than just myself proved to be quite taxing.  Funny at times though..I'd made a Coconut Cream Pie for dessert one night. was coconut cream pudding in a crust when we cut into it.  It still tasted yummy and was good for a few laughs.

As my sister began to feel better, we were able to go to the Goodwill a few times.  For us, that is always fun.  Cruising the aisles looking for the patriotic stars & stripes items that we both decorate our bathrooms in was a fun game, and we share very well, so no problems.  

Since I'm the newly appointed secretary for church, the first Sunday home was potluck followed by our monthly meeting.  God knows what I am capable of better than I do myself, Praise Him for giving me strength to handle this new position.

I started Pulmonary Rehab Therapy yesterday.  Seems I'm in need of a bit more lung strength.  It was a mild session and quite fun...until I woke up this morning and muscles in other places disagreed, lol.  Again, Praise the Lord for helping me through.  Every part of my life He is right there with me and always has been.  I need to remember to thank Him many times during each day.

With that I will close in hopes that this day will give you, too, many opportunities for Thanks.