Saturday, December 5, 2009

Aspirin and a Stiff Shot of Jack

ought to fix this back. Unfortunately for me, fortunate for all I'd encounter, I do not drink. So I took the aspirin.
My hubby decided to play "good egg" today and help me with a few things. I was thankful for the help.
No present wrapping yet since I forgot a homemade item for them all, easy to do, just a bit time consuming. Teach me to brag I'm all done.

I really enjoy the Christmas season. The church cookie exchanges, programs, etc. What makes Christmas special for you?

Friday, December 4, 2009

Hey Kids, What Time Is It?

It's time for Christmas Shopping. (Don't hate me because I am all done)
I still have to wrap umpteen gifts and I have been finished for, hmmmmmm, about a month. Mercy, the postman in our small town of 250 people is going to be so disgusted with me. Nothing like waiting till the last minute to mail.
I hope you all have a fantastic week-end, find bargains galore then hurry and beat me to the mail box. lolol
Toodles for today.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Ever Wanted Eyes In The Back Of Your Head?

Well, this comes pretty close. Over at "A Giveaway Everyday" she has this up for grabs.
I know of folks who have this type of a set up and it has saved some mishaps. So put your name in, your chance is as good as the next one.
You don't have long....until December 7. Good luck.

I think we all would like longer stronger eyelashes,

Right? Pat, over at "Here and There" has this great giveaway going on:
So, get in there and try, your just might get lucky.

Oooo, last day of November.

I hope your Turkeys were moist and your pumpkin pies delicious. We do it a tad different at our house, oh, we have pumpkin pie. The main attraction is what we term Thanksgiving Pizza. It is so yummy.
This year my niece drove 8 hours to share Pizza with us. It was such a blessing to have her here. She plays Scrabble and cards too. Yeah!
I ask a prayer for my Uncle from you. He is not doing too well, but out of Intensive Care and grouching at all. LOL That is more like his old self.
Here's hoping you are finding all those Cyber Monday deals and getting that perfect gift.
Blessing upon you as we head into the month of Jesus' birth.

Just in time for colder weather, 5 minutes 4 mom, has a Super giveaway.
Nice and warm and snacks too. Can't get much better. Hurry though. entries until the 4th of Dec.