Sunday, December 16, 2012

Now we're down

to the Christmas countdown.
I want to wish you all a very wonderful Christmas.

If the weather permits, I will travel an hour and a half away and see my mom and sister and other relatives.  I am really excited about it and am going to mix up some Christmas Candies for them as gifts.  And I only Thought I was finished with candy, LOL.  (Now, if I can just not eat it.)  I'm going to have to box it up and wrap it to keep myself out of it.

So, Merry Christmas to you and yours and A Happy New Year.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

All Christmas Gifts

are just waiting to be wrapped.  I'm currently doing Christmas Cards and letters that go in them.
There are 3 Birthdays in just the first half of December......and a baby, my 5th grandchild, due on Christmas Eve.
Got myself a little 2 foot Christmas Tree, it is still in the box, waiting for Dec., or when I can't stand it any longer and have to get it up.
Our Women's Bible Study Group will decorate the tree Thursday night.  I'm excited to get to the decorating.
Two weeks ago the Bible study gals helped provide Food for the Mission 87 non traditional Thanksgiving.  We had Lasagna, Spaghetti Tacos, Salad, Cupcakes, Cake Balls and Cookies.  It was really fun seeing the kids and some parents attend.
My daughter brought me 70, yes, 70 pounds of sugar on Monday.  Her Dad and Step Mom made wine, so they had a lot on hand.  I gather there is still plenty to go around.  I'll certainly have no shortage when making Christmas Candy and Cookies.  lol  I'm also sharing with some who need it at church.
So, get out your decorations, make all your goodies and get the tree up, Christmas is nearly here.
Merry Christmas!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

May you all have enough to eat and say a prayer for those who don't.  (We often forget how lucky we are, I know I do.)

I'll be busy baking today and grabbing one last Christmas gift.   I know what to get her, just haven't gotten there yet.

My son is graciously hosting Thanksgiving tomorrow, bless his heart.  We are all anxious to be together again.  It is always so much fun when there are little ones around and tomorrow there will be a 2 y/o and, as his mama says, a devious 1 y/o.  LOL  I look forward to being there.

Blessings upon you all.  Drive safe as you are coming and going.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

All Is Well!

Although the scars are terrible, the foot is usable and things are all Ok.  The stitches are out now and I'm able to take showers.  That, in itself, makes one feel like a new person.

Christmas is creeping up and I am so not ready.  How about you?  I have plans in writing at least, so I know who, what, when and where.  For me, that helps a bunch.  (I'm one who also has to take a list to the grocery store.) There are several food gifts this year.  I love to cook and bake, so those are easy.  I have to stop procrastinating on the other gifts and as Larry, the Cable Guy says, "Git er done."

So, as you are preparing for the Season, sing Christmas Caroles as you are doing things and remember the reason for this coming Season.  Bless you all.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

I'm back, once more


I've recently packed and moved to an apartment.  My land I had a lot of stuff I didn't need, so became good friends with Goodwill and the trashmen.  LOL. 
I am amazed at women, with children, who manage to get it all done and still blog.  A big hand to you all.  I do love living in my new place.  It is an apartment complex with lots of folks to visit with and quite a few activities going on also.

Tomorrow I will have an outpatient surgery on my foot, so will again be out of commission, but I will be able to wear shoes again when I heal.  Yippie!

I seem to see my son and daughter more now, so I'm loving that.  It seems amazing how many things we find to jabber about.

Since Halloween will be coming up in just a couple of weeks I'm busy running to the stores and making preparations to scare the pants off my kids and grands.  It will be fun. 

Have any of y'all started your Christmas shopping yet??  I have not made or bought a thing.  Ideas are harder to come by the older the grands get.  Usually I'm nearly done by now, Sigh, oh well.

I went downstairs to go to church Sunday and Surprise, we had a really heavy frost on the windows that needed scraped off.   Yes, winter is definately on the way, it was snowing 100 miles west of here where my mom lives.  The snow did not stick to the ground though, so that's good.

I'm off to the Wonderful World of Wal-Mart folks.  Like to get there early to get a handicapped spot.  Enjoy your day.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

It's Carnival Time Here.

Five teenagers just left the house to go to the carnival and walk around to see what's happening.  Myself, I prefer the comfort of the air conditioner and a little pc time.  Now this is the life, it is also much quieter in here.  lol

Since my favorite day of the week is Sunday, I'm looking forward to tomorrow.  I enjoy sunday school and Church each week and always come away with something new. 

Our Church had a 3-day VBS this week.  This was the first time we did this and some of the children were actually pushing parents out the door.  Dare Isay the kids were responding well and they loved the singing, crafts and learning about God.  I'm sure this will be a yearly thing, it was really fun. 

Our countryside is awfully brown, just no rain.  Don't know if we are in the specific drought section, but I'd bet we are.  The farmers are hurting, which means prices will be going up at the supermarket.  We are all not looking forward to that.

Have a good evening all.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Almost the Big Bang Day!

Hurray for our country.  Another year in Celebration.  Please say a prayer for our men over there fighting to keep Her safe.
Fill your day with lots of fun and food, and fireworks.

Our Missions Pastor will be celebrating his Birthday tomorrow.
I know he will be having an extra helping of fun. 

Sunday will be a picnic at a lake for Pot Luck.  We will have a Baptism to celebrate on that day.  Bless his heart, he is 8 and wants to get baptized where his Grandma did.  So that is what he will have.  His Grandma is as proud as can be, right along with his parents.

I've been doing lots of boxing up today.  I'm receiving a wonderful gift from my friend.  She is moving home to New York and letting me have her Bakers Rack.  I will use it, as she did, for a computer desk.  It is SOOO time to do some re-arranging here in my bedroom/computer room.  A good time to do the deep vacuuming in those spots I can't get at right now.  I'm so excited.  Not that she is leaving though.  That is the downside to all of this.

Stay Safe tomorrow. 

Thursday, May 31, 2012

I'm Back.

If I can figure out the new Blogger, that is.  lol  Everything has changed way too much for this foggy brain.

We are done for the summer as far as feeding the Mission Kids.  I know I needed a break.  A bit too much on my plate, will try not to overload from now on.

My niece and her boyfriend are moving back to her hometown.  They pulled in to gas up their "convoy".  My sister called and asked if I could come and see her for a few minutes.  You bet, it's been over 2 years and I miss her like all get out.  She had her big smile on and my heart just melted to get to see her for a few.  I will be making a trip back there as soon as I can.  She is a CNA and had her first interview just a couple of days after they got home.  You can't tell that I am just thrilled can you?  LOL

I finally found a simple way to clean my gourds.  I had heard that many folks just put them in a trash bag with soap and water for a few hours in the sun.  I took a short cut and used hot water and it worked perfectly.  So I'll get to crafting on these in a couple of days.  I'm really excited.

I've finally got a lawyer willing to work with me on a certain matter that is way overdue.  I am thrilled.  After you get beat on by your spouse, it is just time for the big D. 

My great grandkids are growing up too darn fast.  I enjoy it so much when I get to spend time with them.  Abel is 9 months old and Shayda is 2 years.   They are so precious.

Ok, enough blabbering.  Now to see how it looks when I hit Publish.  Enjoy starts in just a few hours.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Happy Easter...He is Risen

I took a little trip to visit my mom. Her birthday was the 26th of March. It was so much fun. My brother-in-law took the 4 of us out to eat, mmm, good food is always wonderful when you don't have to cook it.
Ended up with pneumonia while I was there, but refused to go to the hospital. I didn't go to enter a hospital, I went there to visit. So that's what I did.
We scoured the local Goodwill where I found a purple mid length sleeved shirt. I love it, and will gladly hang on to it until fall comes around. Mom found things for her great great grands, and seemed to be enjoying herself.
I picked up my friend one day and we went and shopped and giggled and had lots of fun. She always makes me laugh and we have a blast.
I locked my keys in my car on Tuesday! My face got so red. I was embarrassed to the max. Called my son and he could not get me out but called someone who did. I went and had keys extra keys made today. Gave one to my daughter already and will give one to my son when I see him next. Even had an extra made to stick in my purse. It is funny too as my daughter and I were discussing my getting keys made a couple of weeks ago. I just let it slide too long. OOPS

Sunday is our Breakfast Potluck at church with an Egg Hunt following. We will have Church Services and Songs after that.
Tonight is Bible Study, we will be filling many plastic eggs. Each month we do a community service, a Girls Night Out, and Bible Study the rest of the time. It makes it a bit more fun this way.

Happy Easter everyone! May your day be as special as 2,000 years ago. He is Risen Indeed.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


weather for March. Yesterday was in the 80's. Grass is greening, flowers are coming up. Will we have one more snow storm? Probably, but we sure are enjoying this while we have it. How about your weather pattern? Snow or no?
I'm just happy to be back in the swing of things. Sometimes medicines make you sicker than what they were prescribed for...but all OK now.
Sunday was Potluck at church and then a council meeting. I volunteered to be Co-Hostess for events. Our first event is this Sunday...we supply the drinks or call on someone to do it. We'll be making punch this first time. It has quite a few other duties also, but will be fun to do this with another person.
My oldest grandson is home now. Wow, he has grown up a lot. I'm so pleased to see all the good changes in him. Praise the Lord.
Time to write postcards to church members about Sunday's event. Have a wonderful day all.

Monday, February 20, 2012


The knee is coming along nicely, I can drive and that makes me happy.
Kicking this cold would be nice but it'll happen eventually.

Thursday was a truly happy day. My 17 y/o grandson passed his GED. There was a ceremony for the 7 youths that graduated. It was a Special day indeed and I so enjoyed being there for him. We will continue to pray that he now looks into some courses to further his education. One step at a time.

I have missed being at sunday school and church these past 3 weeks. The friends as well as the sermons. I'm reading "Ambassador for Christ, the life and teaching of Paul". It has taught me a thing or two about living for Christ. It was my time to know as all things happen as they are written.

I have also missed the children at the Mission. On Valentines Day they each made out a card for me and Pastor and his wife brought them to me. Such a sweet thing to do and I so appreciated it.

Bless you all and have a nice President's Day.

Monday, January 30, 2012

TIme is drawing near,

Thursday is almost here for the knee operation. He said I will need a total knee replacement in about 5 years, but the Scope he will do now may help me get by until then.
Or Not. lol It is all in the hands of our Lord.

Last week I drank a gallon of Movi Prep and had a procedure. It is like drinking salt water. Yuck. The Dr. did find out why I am (soon to be was) anemic and fixed that. Still waiting on the polyp biopsy. My son took me to the hospital and was with me. Then took me home and fixed me a breakfast burrito. Yum!

Went to my grandson's basketball game the last 2 Saturdays. They won this past Sat., they were all kinds of happy.

Got a different battery for my car, thanks to my son. He cleaned the cables and got me all fixed up. I'm lucky to live with my daughter and so close to my son. What a help they are to me. I praise God for giving me these 2 children that I love so much.

I get to feed my Mission kids tomorrow, last time for, at least, a couple weeks. I sure miss them when I have to miss a Tuesday. They are all such good kids with big hearts and I am blessed.

Take care and blessings upon you all.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Running Circles Around Myself.

I love how this New Year has started. It has kept me extremely busy and I am not complaining.
My daughter and I have begun using the treadmill that normally just sits in a corner. It feels great, once I'm done. LOL Unfortunately it has aggrevated a knee condition and I'm going to be slowing down for a bit due to a knee scope. I was told I will need a new knee, eventually. But that is not now and I'm tickled pink.

My youngest grandson plays basketball each Saturday afternoon and I went to watch him. Wow, does that young'un hustle from one end of the court to the other. He made a basket also and we were all yahooing and clapping. My youngest granddaughter took me to this game. Now that I know how to get there I will be driving myself. I am truly lucky to have such a considerate family, blessed is a better word.

I am still honing my cookie baking skills. I am loving the recipies I find on all the blogs. They are so tasty and so easy. I'm trying a Crockpot recipie for tonights supper. It's Crockpot Lasagna, I saw it and knew I had to give it a whirl.
Using the no boil Lasagna Noodles is a first for me, so cross your fingers.

We had a church "Soup" potluck yesterday. MMM, so many yummy kinds. After lunch is the business meeting. It is getting closer to the time when our Pastor and his wife go to the Ukraine to see their daughter. They hope they will be allowed to adopt her anyway. We hope and pray they will also.

Winter is finally supposed to be coming this evening, with a 70% chance of snow. I am rooting for the white stuff. We are now needing the moisture, so any we get will be appreciated.

Have a great day.