Sunday, November 16, 2014


is now on the ground. I am so in the Christmas mood that it is hard to wait until after Thanksgiving to set up my tree. I am blessed with my friend coming for a few days this coming week. It is always so much fun, even if we only sit and play Canasta. Then my mom is coming to spend Thanksgiving with me. She did this last year and I enjoyed it so much. We went to my son's house for the Big meal. We made peppermint patties and I sent them home with her as she loves mint. Of course we visited and napped when appropriate. I've already started making my Christmas Candies and Breads. I love to give these things to my family for Christmas. My sister hides her pail full of goodies so her hubby doesn't have them gone in a flash. lol Have you gotten your Holiday baking started? Perhaps it is done. Enjoy what you will be enjoyed by whoever receives it. Thursday Bible Study was really enjoyable. We put together and filled the Christmas boxes for Operation Christmas. Next Thursday we are watching the movie God is Not Dead. I'm happy to be able to see it. Enjoy the happiness of the coming Holidays and Remember The Reason For The Season. Blessing Upon You All.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

New great grandson

Born July 27. Weighing in at 8 pounds 7 ounces. I will be going over in a short while to spoil him. LOL. I just returned from another trip to visit my mom and sister and the rest of my family. Summer is such a busy time. My sister had a 3-day garage sale with lots of things for men as well as women. She did really well, but thinks she may wait 2 years before she does another one. If you have ever had a garage sale, you know what she means. I'm glad I could help her with this one. I'm off! Want me to spoil him for you too?

Saturday, May 31, 2014

June 1

is tomorrow. Our weather is in the mid to high 80's. Scheduled for rain tonight and tomorrow. I got back home on May 20th. It was great to be able to help my daughter out and being with her was wonderful. We made a day trip back to where I live for my great granddaughters 4th birthday. She had invited day care children and a little boy gave her the first flowers of her young life. . It was so sweet. She had a wonderful party and my talented granddaughter (her mom) made a pony cake for her. She loved it. My daughter purchased a ceramic purple pony bank for her. (A couple weeks later her little brother broke it and she said, "Spank his butt mom." Whether he received a spanking or not...we don't know. But she was quick to point out a butt spanking offense when she saw one.) LOL I got out twice for lunch with my gal daughter went along once. I always enjoy that. My daughter has her next Dr. appointment on the 11th. I pray she has improved a whole lot more. I will get to see her, maybe, and have lunch with her. She does have a brother here that works nights so he is available to visit with her too during the day. She has two dogs that she has to leave at home so I understand she can't be gone too long. She will have puddles to clean up as it is. Here's hoping school is out for everyone and vacation trips will soon be starting. Have a wonderful summer.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Snow and Ice Pellets

were on today's weather menu. After having near 80 degrees for a couple of days this was a setback for me and I got ill. Hopefully only for today. Otherwise we had beautiful weather to get out in even with wind blowing the hairdo all over. I was able to get my great grands 4th birthday gift of clothing. It was fun shopping for her. She is such a clothes nut. My mom was in the hospital on her birthday. (She was only 83 and quick to correct me on it.) LOL. Her hospital trip was same day and the biopsies turned out to be benign. So we were all relieved to hear that. I was able to take her and my sister and brother-in-law out to eat the night before surgery. It was fun to watch her face when they came singing Happy Birthday to her when it came dessert time. While out of town I was able to meet with my gal pal for lunch. We keep in contact with lots of texts but is nice to catch up in person. My daughter will be having neck surgery on the 21st. I ask for prayers for her. I will be going back with her after her surgery to take care of her. You never outgrow your need for mama. I am blessed with a good friend as well as being my daughter. Besides, I like to cook and bake and she does not. (Big plus to having your mom come for 3 weeks.) I'm already planning a few dishes that she likes. Please pray that her surgery goes well and her fear drops to a managable level. Thank you.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


is coming. On the first day of Spring I will be heading to my sisters house. Mama's birthday is on the 26th. She will be 84. So I will be there to help celebrate. Also, my niece, Sam, and her boyfriend are coming to my sister's on the 23rd. Nolan, the boyfriend, composed a piece of music that is going to be played as this years Sandhills Symphony on the 24th. So much to do and see and hear. I can't wait to get there. It will be a fun time for us all. I made a trip to the Dollar Store this morning and picked up a bunch of combs and hair accessories. Our church starts early for our Operation Christmas Child with a different item or items each month. I enjoy my time in the store for these shopping trips, it's enjoyable. Tomorrow is bread day at our apartment complex. Lots of bread and sometimes fruits, sweets, etc. are delivered instead of being tossed to the trash. I live in a mostly elderly folk apartment building and we can always use the items they bring. We are thankful to get them. Now, remember, wear green next Monday or you just might get pinched.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Oil Change Trip

Yesterday I took my mom's car in for an oil change. I am driving hers b/c mine may never be affordable to fix again. Her car is 1 year newer than mine and has 80,000 less miles on it. Soooooo....I can afford to put a bit of money into it. Anyway, a repairman comes in to show me the Cabin Filter, which is disgusting looking, with small rocks and other "junk" in it. Costs $40 to replace but I said yes, do it. I thought to myself, wow, the filter costs more than the oil change. As I was grumbling to my daughter and then my son they both had this bright ray of sunshine for me. A clean cabin filter will most likely give you better gas mileage. Now, we can all use that. Right?? Just wanted to let you all know this. P. S. I never knew a vehicle had such a thing as a cabin filter. Learn something new every day.