Sunday, April 3, 2011

We have a nice breeze coming in

at 35 mph. Literally rips the door out of your hands when you open it.

I was with my sister at the hospital on April Fools day. A ripped ankle tendon had her, finally, in surgery getting it fixed. She'll be off work for a month. She didn't care that day though. Pain medication will do that to you!! lol

My children are going through an awfully hard time right now, they lost their father to cancer on the 12th of March. They had been with him then, and for a couple of weeks before. This has been my daughters first week back at work and she is just exhausted. The Lord is watching out for them as he does for all his children, I ask that you remember them in your prayers, if you would. The grief over losing loved ones is never easy for any of us.

We will be celebrating the 1st birthday for Shayda on the 1st of May. She is our little bug, my great grandchild. My first one, and the 2nd one is due in August They will run mama ragged, lol, but will be great playmates for each other in a year or so. My granddaughter has asked that I help make Shayda's cake....she is doing a Lady Bug. So I will be driving up the day before and eating frosting, oops, I mean making a cake. I am excited to do so.

Tomorrow is another quick trip to the store for some honey to make a special treat for my mama. I didn't make it up for her 80th birthday last week because we had the snow, so I will go Tuesday or Wednesday. I do so love to surprise her with a home baked gift and I know she enjoys it. Plus I get to See how my sister is doing after her surgery. I call her each day to check and so far she has gotten along all right.

May the Good Lord's gentle hands guide you where you need to be at this time in your life.