Saturday, December 31, 2011


Above all be safe as you celebrate. Ringing in the New Year is always such a joyous time.
As a child, we would put puzzles together as a family and I was always so tickled that I got to stay up late.
As an adult, one of my fondest New Years was spent with my mom and my niece playing board games.
Another was lighting fireworks with 2 of my grands after we had broken in to the pinata they had helped make.
So, no matter what you do, have fun and Enjoy it to the Max.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Santa's on his way.

Hurray! I'm actually all ready with gifts wrapped and tucked under the tree.

Such peace has made its way into my heart after reading the "get out the Kleenex" story my cousin just sent. I know I've read it for several years now and after the tears comes the Peace. It is an awesome Christmas feeling, one that I'm hoping you all have settle within you as we draw closer to the Christ Child's birtday celebration.

We were very lucky and only got a small spattering of snow last night and all of the first heavy snowfall had melted, so we are doing great.

I shared my Cherry Mash candy recipe with my granddaughter yesterday. I have not heard how it turned out yet. My daughter and I made it one year and the cherry part did not set up, we used spoons if we wanted some of it. Hilarious. (Now I realize it needs to boil a bit longer if the humidity is high) Never too old to learn.

Our church has a service on Christmas Eve that I will be attending and then On Christmas morning we are not having Sunday School, just the Church Service. I'm tickled pink that Christmas falls on Sunday this year.

May you be richly blessed this Christmas and enjoy the love around you.

Merry Christmas.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Are you all ready?

Are you all set for Christmas? I'm still not. I need to go get 2 gifts and at least I know what I want to get. Otherwise, one of them will be homemade and that is not a bad thing. I know it would be appreciated.
I've made two different kinds of cookies and I'm not making is just too tempting to me and my arteries don't need the cholesterol. It is just my daughter and I at the house now, and she sleeps during the day and works at night.
My grandson has been reclassified and now gets a 4 hour off campus visit each week. Christmas will be a "free" day and although it is still only 4 hours he is anxiously awaiting it. Presents are still presents at any age I guess. lol
We've decided we are going to have steak on Christmas. My daughter and grandson are big carnivores and love red meat.
I got my Christmas cards out earlier in December and had such a good head start that I just laid back and now the push is on. The wrapping is a big thing or my back thinks so. hehehe Our tree went up last Sunday when the grandson was here. I love looking at the lights and ornies. I picked up a small gourd with 1/3 cut off and a nativity scene in it. It is my favorite.
My son brought over Thick Green Chili Roast Beef to fill tortillas. It is so good, I'm glad he likes to cook b/c he is a darned good Chef. As a child he loved to help me when I cooked in the wok, he later took it over and mmm, good meals followed.
My 11 year old grandson got his first deer this year. I know they were making jerky and had a bunch of steaks cut up. I just saw the picture and forgot to count the antler tips. He's so proud and he should be, he did very well.
May the Lord Bless you all richly. Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble!

I just returned from the Thanksgiving Meal the Mission 87 Kids hosted for their parents. They made some really nice Turkey centerpieces for the table. They also chose the menu which consisted of Turkey Hot Dogs, the buns were the dressing, salad, baked beans and a nice well rounded (lol) middle of the menu with rootbeer floats as the drink. It was so much fun to see them be so proud of what they had accomplished, they were just beaming.

I've become very active in the church, which Mission 87 is an off shoot. Tuesday is my day to bring their meal, snack and drink. It was an honor to be a part of providing some of the food for today. The Mission Pastor and his wife do so much for the children and I love being allowed to help. So for 2 days a week the kids have a safe place to come after school.

Tomorrow morning I get to go have lunch with my 10 year old grandson at his school.
I love it that I can do all these things and I know it is the Lords work. His guidance is what my life needs. Through him I can help others and keep myself busy too.

Are you all going to Grandma's for Thanksgiving?????? Or do you have the pleasure of hosting this wonderful meal. My son has always done Thanksgiving and he is again this year. I'll bake a few frozen pies to take to his house. But first, my daughter and I will be going to have Thanksgiving with her son, they allow him to have family only, but at least we will get to see him.

I take this time to ask you to pray for my grandson. Shooting car windows out with an air gun got that 16 year old in to more trouble than he bargained for. This is all just the right thing for him at this time in his life, the Good Lord doesn't make mistakes. I haven't gotten to see him yet so I am really excited about this meal on Thursday.

May your turkey be moist and your blessings be many as we enter in to this Thanksgiving Holiday. Have a Happy Long Weekend too.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

I'm so excited to see all the kiddos in their costumes tonight. Halloween is my 2nd favorite Holiday.
Sorry to hear about all the snow in the northeastern states. It surely will put a damper on Trick or Treating. Our Snow is scheduled to hit on Wednesday. I'm a little apprehensive after all the snow that was dumped already.
Here's wishing a safe and fun night to everyone, enjoy!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I got a big Surprise on Friday.

And not a good one, although it turned out well.

I had to put my dog down on Tuesday and cried for 2 days. Those of you who have pets will know what I mean. I was too tired to cry on Thursday and on Friday I went to the Dr. to get my blood pressure meds. tweaked. After she found out my chest and arm had been hurting for 4 days she did a lot of tests and off to the hospital I went, by ambulance.

I had a heart cath on Saturday morning and they put a stent in the artery that was 90% closed. I got to go home on the same day. I thank the Lord for looking out for me. He knew when to get me to the Dr. Praise God!

So if you get pain in your chest, shoulder, back and left arm, don't be stubborn like I was, go to the Dr. or the ER. Your family will be glad you did as well as yourself.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Chocolate Anyone?

I have some news that you might be shocked to the core with, I know I was.
It seems America's favorite chocolate brand, nearly 42.5% of the US market, is Hersheys. Yet inside almost every Hershey chocolate product is the bitter truth that the cocoa used to produce the chocolate may very well have been produced under harmful conditions, including forced labor, human trafficking and abusive child labor. The latter is the one that hurt my heart the most. So it's time to raise the bar Hershey. Please go to this site and read a bit for yourself.

There are many options for Fair Trade (slave free) chocolate. Hershey is not the only company possibly using these unfair labor practices. They just have the largest percentage of sales and won't reveal their cocoa sources.

This is nothing all started 10 years ago, but read for yourself.

I know I will not be handing out chocolate for Halloween unless it is Fair Trade.

Monday, August 29, 2011

WELCOME to our world

Abel William Ray. Born Aug. 21, 2011 and weighting in at 8 pounds 8 ozs. This little guy waited till late afternoon to show himself. He has lots of dark hair which is unlike his big sister who was born with blond hair and not much of it. Even their personalities are totally different. Our little Shayda is quite the
independant type and this little guy loves to be held and cuddled. I am quite the happy great grandma with one of each to spoil to pieces now.

We are getting rain this evening but nothing like the east coast got. I pray for all those without power and for all the displaced people as well as those who may be missing.

I hear Abel crying now.....maybe I can hold him again before bedtime. lol They are too little to spoil at this age so now is the time to snuggle lots. Well, I missed that snuggle, mama is already nursing. More snuggling tomorrow though.

We will have visitors this week. Mama and baby are finally up to seeing folks. I remember wishing for a few days to get settled in before the house became crowded with friends when mine were first born.

I will be up first thing in the morning making a few goodies for the visitors, it is just what a great grandma does. So, as Vincent Price used to say, Good Evening.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sardines, anyone?

Our mobile home has 4 generations of people living in it and while it can get like Sardines, the 6 of us are all family, and I'm loving it. BTW, anytime now there will be a new little sardine. He just isn't quite finished baking yet, lol. God will put him here when HE is ready.

My 14 month great granddaughter has been zipping all over these last 3 weeks. She was crawling before and decided walking is faster. Shayda is such a little love, she always has kisses for me. We sing songs and dance and she loves this too.

I didn't see it but got to hear the tale, Shayda was laying on her mama's tummy when her brother kicked. She reared up her head and slapped him back. lol Oh yes, we will have to watch her closely when he gets here. But she gives her dolls hugs and kisses so once he is here in person, I think we will be just fine.

I attended a Beth Moore Conference a month ago. The prayers and singing were wonderful and to hear her speak was such a treat. I splurged and bought a pink "I Am Living Proof" Heb. 4:12 T-Shirt. Because Yes, His word is living and active in me. I am so grateful to Him for putting in motion all things so I could attend this conference.

I hear a tiny hand slapping at the door to my room so have a wonderful Saturday everyone.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Independence Day!

Have a safe day whether driving home or shooting fireworks.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

First Day of Summer

I can't believe the days are flying by so fast. They say as you age, time flys by and, by George, I'm beginning to believe it. lol
We had our little Shaydabug with us for a couple of weeks, her Daddy too. He was looking for a job here and finally has found construction work. Too bad we've had so much rain. Getting struck by lightning wouldn't be a good thing.
We all spent five hours over at my son's house last night since he has a basement and there were tornado's touching down all around us. It is always good to get to visit with them as our lives take us in such different directions.
Shayda bug crawls all over the place, she can walk, just doesn't do it often. She will when she is ready. No is a favorite word now and pitching fits is a thing we saw regularly. She cut numerous teeth all at once and is working on more so I do suppose she feels like pitching a fit with that pain. They are all moving here to be closer to the rest of the family and that is happening this very week-end. They'll be staying here until they can save for a place of their own. It will be fun to have a houseful, plus, my granddaughter likes to cook also. Yippie, I get some much needed help in that area.
I am going to be gone a couple of days. I am so anxious to go hear Beth Moore speak. No drop outs yet, so still 7 of us going. Hurray. I have been informed to take plenty of Kleenex. I've got lots of handkerchiefs packed.
May you all have a blessed day.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Welcome to our

much appreciated blustery rainy day. I know we needed some rain and it has given out fits and spurts so far. Yet, it looks like it will open up and pour any minute, I'm hoping for the latter.

My Uncle had to go through here yesterday for an appointment in a larger city, so on the way back he and my cousin stopped and brought a monitor. So I can once again get on the computer. Hurray!! Praise be to God for making it all possible. My old monitor, which really isn't old, it is a flat screen, anywhoooo, it just decided to up and give me lots of static lines all through while I was attempting to read. Now I do have an old, take up the whole desk nearly, monitor.........but it works and I am so tickled to have that cousin of mine just happen to have one laying around in his way. He told me, NO, he definately does not want it back. LOL

I was able to take a ride with my daughter this morning. It felt nice to be out and about with her, even when her allergies are driving her crazy. It was pleasant to visit with her for a couple of hours. We don't usually have that time together since she works the night shift, so is sleeping during the day. The Lord provides on so many levels and I am so thankful.

I was a very pampered Mom; on Sunday my daughter got chinese food for us and on Monday I was treated to lunch by my son and daughter. And the answer is no, I have not gotten on the scale since back to back luncheons. There is always time for the sits there day after day........just waiting, like a circling buzzard. Sometimes it has to wait a long time between visits from me. lol

Well fiddlestix, the sun is out....I must be off and go outside for another round of rain dancing. Picture this, a __ish woman, outside in a t-shirt and shorts holding her oxygen bag while doing a rain dance. Darn near choked on my cough drop there. lol

Sunday, April 3, 2011

We have a nice breeze coming in

at 35 mph. Literally rips the door out of your hands when you open it.

I was with my sister at the hospital on April Fools day. A ripped ankle tendon had her, finally, in surgery getting it fixed. She'll be off work for a month. She didn't care that day though. Pain medication will do that to you!! lol

My children are going through an awfully hard time right now, they lost their father to cancer on the 12th of March. They had been with him then, and for a couple of weeks before. This has been my daughters first week back at work and she is just exhausted. The Lord is watching out for them as he does for all his children, I ask that you remember them in your prayers, if you would. The grief over losing loved ones is never easy for any of us.

We will be celebrating the 1st birthday for Shayda on the 1st of May. She is our little bug, my great grandchild. My first one, and the 2nd one is due in August They will run mama ragged, lol, but will be great playmates for each other in a year or so. My granddaughter has asked that I help make Shayda's cake....she is doing a Lady Bug. So I will be driving up the day before and eating frosting, oops, I mean making a cake. I am excited to do so.

Tomorrow is another quick trip to the store for some honey to make a special treat for my mama. I didn't make it up for her 80th birthday last week because we had the snow, so I will go Tuesday or Wednesday. I do so love to surprise her with a home baked gift and I know she enjoys it. Plus I get to See how my sister is doing after her surgery. I call her each day to check and so far she has gotten along all right.

May the Good Lord's gentle hands guide you where you need to be at this time in your life.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What a lot of fun

these past few weeks have been.
My great granddaughter, Shayda, got to spend two weeks of days with me. She went to her Godmother's house at night.
Naturally, with the crawling comes the word no, which she likes no better than the next little one.

She had pneumonia while she was here and was in the hospital for 24 hours. Praise the Lord for her only being there that length of time. Then the real fun started. Trust me when I tell you it is no fun when you have to give a 9 month old a breathing treatment. We all found if we sang to her it would go so much easier. Except for Old McDonald, for some reason Shayda did not like that song and would screech at ya if you tried to stick it in there.

My daughter works nights so she gets to Wal-Mart really early. She hit the motherlode of Shayda clothing at $1.25 apiece. We have one of the best dressed little gals, in Valentine marked down clothing, that you ever saw. LOL

The church I attend has been so nice in including me in the things they do and I do so love it. It is always nice to be asked. The live gospel music we went to hear didn't turn out to be gospel after all but it was a birthday celebration get together for one of the gals, so we didn't mind. I thank God for pointing me to this church when I moved here.

My oldest grandson is 16 now and has his license. No car yet. I suppose that means he'll be looking for a job that might not lay him off during the off season. He is taking the Driver's Ed course anyway to keep the cost of insurance down a bit. My youngest granddaughter is taking this course right along with him. She turns 16 in August so it is all a necessary evil. lol

Tomorrow is a town day.....just need a few things for the chicken enchiladas. No, not the chicken. That is the one thing I have. But have no tortillas or sour cream and they are an absolute must.

Good nite and God Bless.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Sunshine yesterday was

oh so gorgeous. We were in the 50's. It is amazing what the good Lord gives us.
We are scheduled for snow on Sunday night thru Tuesday but even then, it is beautiful. (as long as we don't have to be out in it) lol

I made Oatmeal Quick Bread today. I knew in my gut that the 1 1/2 TBSPS. of baking powder was a misprint(and I am old enough to know better) but I followed the recipie to the letter. It is pretty bitter, but nothing a little honey or peanut butter didn't take care of. I tried both. lol
Mercy! I think you have to have a "misprint" recipie every now and then to make you appreciate all the good ones you make. Last night I fixed a recipie my son gave to me and it was really good. Tonight is a Chicken and Rice Baked Casserole and you can't mess that one up. I'm fixing heavy meals two days in a row so we can have leftovers for tomorrow. After ss and church we can just have a lazy, movie watching day.

My daughter is out vacuuming the living room. This is a chore that is her nearly 16 year old son's job. She told him to do it this morning as if she really thought it was going to get done. Dang. It is none of my business but I sure don't think she is teaching him how to be an adult. I feel so bad for both of them. And I pray for both of them.

Sewing is on my list for this next week. Since I was blessed with a suitcase of blue jeans, I think I'd best get at it or Christmas will be here already. Wish me luck as I certainly am not a seamstress but it is Homemade With Love.

Have a peaceful evening and a Blessed tomorrow.

Monday, January 24, 2011

If I Only Had

a brain. Remember that song in the wizard of Oz?? I asked a gentleman if he knew what time it was today, b/c I don't wear a watch. He pulled out his cell phone and told me the time..........very nice gentleman. I am just so glad my cell phone did not start ringing as he was telling me. LOL I can't seem to remember that my cell phone is dual purpose. It is so funny now.

I spent the morning grocery shopping. (Yes, I have to take a list.) Do any of you take lists with you? Fess up, I surely can't be the only one. lol

I spent quite a bit of time in Wal-Mart pricing things as well as doing the shopping. I have a menu for the week and wanted to be prepared. Mercy, I have not made Menu's for quite a few years. I see so many blogs posting their Menus and I am so grateful. They give me such great ideas. I can float between 4 or 5 blogs and have my Menu done in 5 minutes.

We had a very small gathering at church and sunday school yesterday. I didn't mind a bit. I got to know one couple rather well as a result of our small size. I really enjoyed yesterday.

Our weather is holding. None of the predicted snow. It is actually 34 degrees out and the sun is shining. Beautiful!

Have a gourgeous evening with your families.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

We have more snow today.

I'd say we have 4 inches of new fallen snow already. I swept off a path on the porch, down the steps and a place on the sidewalk for my toy poodle to do her business. (I have C.O.P.D. so my air hose becomes brittle in the cold and I huff and puff easier.) You won't catch me out there making any snowmen. It sure sounds like fun though......maybe I'll wad up a snowball next time I'm out.....don't want to lose the knack. LOL

We have our golden retriever at the vet, he got sick and dehydrated and some kind of infection in his blood. We are praying that he will be Ok and home soon.
We all become so attached to our animals. They are like another child and we worry and fret. God gave them to us and we must take care of them.

I have an easy recipie for you to make if you like peanut butter.

2 cups of instant non fat dry milk
1 cup peanut butter
1/2 cup honey.

Stir it all together and roll hunks of it into balls the size of walnuts. Store in an airtight container in the fridge. If you haven't tried these.........they are yummy. Hope you have the ingredients on hand.......your kids will love you for it.
We call them Peanut Butter Kisses. Hope I haven't posted that recipie before. I'm like that, ya gotta watch me. LOL

Blessed be your day and all you do,

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Happy New Year.

What??? I'm a little late you say?? I'm a lot late, not just a little. lol

I ended up having a lung infection that took 3 courses of antibiotics to get rid of. All gone now though..............and good riddance.

I missed the after Christmas sales too......(boo hoo). I still scored big, my daughter hit a couple different sales and got me 3 pair of flannel p. j.'s and a warm purple hoodie. She just seems to know when to get to the stores at the right time. I was so thankful. She is a wonderful gal, my baby gal who weighed 5 pounds at birth. I miss the cuddling now that she is all grown up. Still lots of hugs though.

I have a little toy poodle.............with no teeth. I had been using a pair of pliers to crunch up 2 tiny dog food kernels at a time, my daughter suggested a coffee grinder. WOW, let me tell you, that did the trick. She mentioned it last summer when I sat on the porch and used a rubber mallet to smash em on the sidewalk, (in a towel). I said nay, this is fine....I just hadn't thought far enough ahead.
That gal thinks ahead like nobody I've ever met. She sure didn't get it from me. lol But I'm thankful the Good Lord gave her that ability.

Just wanted to pop in and let you all know I'm still alive. Let me know what you did for your Christmas Vacation, or was that when the kiddos went back to school? lol