Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Oil Change Trip

Yesterday I took my mom's car in for an oil change. I am driving hers b/c mine may never be affordable to fix again. Her car is 1 year newer than mine and has 80,000 less miles on it. Soooooo....I can afford to put a bit of money into it. Anyway, a repairman comes in to show me the Cabin Filter, which is disgusting looking, with small rocks and other "junk" in it. Costs $40 to replace but I said yes, do it. I thought to myself, wow, the filter costs more than the oil change. As I was grumbling to my daughter and then my son they both had this bright ray of sunshine for me. A clean cabin filter will most likely give you better gas mileage. Now, we can all use that. Right?? Just wanted to let you all know this. P. S. I never knew a vehicle had such a thing as a cabin filter. Learn something new every day.