Saturday, May 31, 2014

June 1

is tomorrow. Our weather is in the mid to high 80's. Scheduled for rain tonight and tomorrow. I got back home on May 20th. It was great to be able to help my daughter out and being with her was wonderful. We made a day trip back to where I live for my great granddaughters 4th birthday. She had invited day care children and a little boy gave her the first flowers of her young life. . It was so sweet. She had a wonderful party and my talented granddaughter (her mom) made a pony cake for her. She loved it. My daughter purchased a ceramic purple pony bank for her. (A couple weeks later her little brother broke it and she said, "Spank his butt mom." Whether he received a spanking or not...we don't know. But she was quick to point out a butt spanking offense when she saw one.) LOL I got out twice for lunch with my gal daughter went along once. I always enjoy that. My daughter has her next Dr. appointment on the 11th. I pray she has improved a whole lot more. I will get to see her, maybe, and have lunch with her. She does have a brother here that works nights so he is available to visit with her too during the day. She has two dogs that she has to leave at home so I understand she can't be gone too long. She will have puddles to clean up as it is. Here's hoping school is out for everyone and vacation trips will soon be starting. Have a wonderful summer.