Monday, October 18, 2010

My mom got moved into my sister's house!

She has been working on packing up her 2 bedroom apartment all this month. Praise the Lord for all the help my Aunt and my sister have been with the packing.
I know this is difficult for mom and she really didn't WANT to go, but she knew she needed to. She had been falling a lot and just up and made the decision to do this at the beginning of this month. Others out there will understand and some will wonder why I write about it. I just guess I need to.

This Friday and Saturday there is a garage sale and I will be able to go for the beginning of it on Friday. We all live in the same state but I live in another town.

Ok out there in shopping or crafting land...........How are you coming on your Christmas Shopping? I have 2 gifts to get yet and I just can't come up with the ideas, but they will come before Thanksgiving......I hope. I sure don't like to set foot in a store after that. Thought I was all done and up popped these 2, how could I forget. lol

I am active in my church and last Sunday the women did a Soup lunch and craft. We made decorative Friendship scarves. Everyone brought a fall colored skein of yarn. We measured off the length we wanted then matched that length off all the skeins. Sometimes we stuck in more of the colors we really liked best. The last step is when you get the amount of yarn you want just tie a knot (I think it is called a slip-knot) about half way down on each side. They really look pretty and you can add more yarn later or move the knot anytime for different length looks. When you wear it you remember everyone and all the fun you had.

With that "tuitorial" lol, I think I shall hush. Have a Happy Halloween all.