Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Chocolate Anyone?

I have some news that you might be shocked to the core with, I know I was.
It seems America's favorite chocolate brand, nearly 42.5% of the US market, is Hersheys. Yet inside almost every Hershey chocolate product is the bitter truth that the cocoa used to produce the chocolate may very well have been produced under harmful conditions, including forced labor, human trafficking and abusive child labor. The latter is the one that hurt my heart the most. So it's time to raise the bar Hershey. www.raisethebarhershey.org Please go to this site and read a bit for yourself.

There are many options for Fair Trade (slave free) chocolate. Hershey is not the only company possibly using these unfair labor practices. They just have the largest percentage of sales and won't reveal their cocoa sources.

This is nothing new......it all started 10 years ago, but read for yourself.

I know I will not be handing out chocolate for Halloween unless it is Fair Trade.