Monday, January 30, 2012

TIme is drawing near,

Thursday is almost here for the knee operation. He said I will need a total knee replacement in about 5 years, but the Scope he will do now may help me get by until then.
Or Not. lol It is all in the hands of our Lord.

Last week I drank a gallon of Movi Prep and had a procedure. It is like drinking salt water. Yuck. The Dr. did find out why I am (soon to be was) anemic and fixed that. Still waiting on the polyp biopsy. My son took me to the hospital and was with me. Then took me home and fixed me a breakfast burrito. Yum!

Went to my grandson's basketball game the last 2 Saturdays. They won this past Sat., they were all kinds of happy.

Got a different battery for my car, thanks to my son. He cleaned the cables and got me all fixed up. I'm lucky to live with my daughter and so close to my son. What a help they are to me. I praise God for giving me these 2 children that I love so much.

I get to feed my Mission kids tomorrow, last time for, at least, a couple weeks. I sure miss them when I have to miss a Tuesday. They are all such good kids with big hearts and I am blessed.

Take care and blessings upon you all.