Friday, August 30, 2013

Firstbike was perfect

for my greatgrands 2nd birthday party.   About 2 months ago I was so lucky and won one from the blog Someday I'll Learn.  I waited patiently until Abel turned 2.  His party was in our local park and Firstbike was a hit.  So a big thank you to and to Chelsea from Someday I'll Learn.  This really helped to make it a wonderful birthday. 
I'll be heading off for "another" 2-week vacation in Sept.  My friend asked if I would dog-sit for her for a few days.  Then when she is back I'll stay with my mom and sister for a week.  Sis looks forward to my visiting as she can catch up on a few things without worrying about our mom and I love visiting with mom.  She is 82.  Bless her heart, we have so much fun talking.  She doesn't remember lots of times but that is OK, sometimes I don't.  LOL  The blind leading the blind on occassion.
This has been a wonderful whirlwind summer.  I have had the cataracts in both eyes fixed and go for new glasses next week.  Astigmatism makes the glasses necessary.  Otherwise, the surgeries went wonderful.  Praise God.
I've been doing "summer" cleaning also.  There is always a garage sale in spring, here, at our apartment building.  If I don't get started and keep at it I'll miss it. 
I did pick up some BTS items for our church.  The mission will be one of the recipients of some of the items.  They have already started school here, yes, before Labor Day.  How about you?   Are your young ones already cruising the halls of the local schools?
Have yourselves a well deserved Labor Day Rest.  Enjoy a wonderful picnic and join in on the local fishing contest.
Blessings to all of you!