Sunday, April 13, 2014

Snow and Ice Pellets

were on today's weather menu. After having near 80 degrees for a couple of days this was a setback for me and I got ill. Hopefully only for today. Otherwise we had beautiful weather to get out in even with wind blowing the hairdo all over. I was able to get my great grands 4th birthday gift of clothing. It was fun shopping for her. She is such a clothes nut. My mom was in the hospital on her birthday. (She was only 83 and quick to correct me on it.) LOL. Her hospital trip was same day and the biopsies turned out to be benign. So we were all relieved to hear that. I was able to take her and my sister and brother-in-law out to eat the night before surgery. It was fun to watch her face when they came singing Happy Birthday to her when it came dessert time. While out of town I was able to meet with my gal pal for lunch. We keep in contact with lots of texts but is nice to catch up in person. My daughter will be having neck surgery on the 21st. I ask for prayers for her. I will be going back with her after her surgery to take care of her. You never outgrow your need for mama. I am blessed with a good friend as well as being my daughter. Besides, I like to cook and bake and she does not. (Big plus to having your mom come for 3 weeks.) I'm already planning a few dishes that she likes. Please pray that her surgery goes well and her fear drops to a managable level. Thank you.