Saturday, July 28, 2012

It's Carnival Time Here.

Five teenagers just left the house to go to the carnival and walk around to see what's happening.  Myself, I prefer the comfort of the air conditioner and a little pc time.  Now this is the life, it is also much quieter in here.  lol

Since my favorite day of the week is Sunday, I'm looking forward to tomorrow.  I enjoy sunday school and Church each week and always come away with something new. 

Our Church had a 3-day VBS this week.  This was the first time we did this and some of the children were actually pushing parents out the door.  Dare Isay the kids were responding well and they loved the singing, crafts and learning about God.  I'm sure this will be a yearly thing, it was really fun. 

Our countryside is awfully brown, just no rain.  Don't know if we are in the specific drought section, but I'd bet we are.  The farmers are hurting, which means prices will be going up at the supermarket.  We are all not looking forward to that.

Have a good evening all.