Sunday, December 22, 2013

Silent Night!

Coming on Tuesday it will be a rememberance of the birthday of our King. I will be attending our candlelight ceremony at church then going to my granddaughters home for an evening with family. She is making soup to fill our tummies and our hearts will be full just being with each other. May your Christmas Eve shine as bright as it did so many years ago when Jesus was born.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

To All My Friends and Family I wish you a truely wonderful Thanksgiving.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Firstbike was perfect

for my greatgrands 2nd birthday party.   About 2 months ago I was so lucky and won one from the blog Someday I'll Learn.  I waited patiently until Abel turned 2.  His party was in our local park and Firstbike was a hit.  So a big thank you to and to Chelsea from Someday I'll Learn.  This really helped to make it a wonderful birthday. 
I'll be heading off for "another" 2-week vacation in Sept.  My friend asked if I would dog-sit for her for a few days.  Then when she is back I'll stay with my mom and sister for a week.  Sis looks forward to my visiting as she can catch up on a few things without worrying about our mom and I love visiting with mom.  She is 82.  Bless her heart, we have so much fun talking.  She doesn't remember lots of times but that is OK, sometimes I don't.  LOL  The blind leading the blind on occassion.
This has been a wonderful whirlwind summer.  I have had the cataracts in both eyes fixed and go for new glasses next week.  Astigmatism makes the glasses necessary.  Otherwise, the surgeries went wonderful.  Praise God.
I've been doing "summer" cleaning also.  There is always a garage sale in spring, here, at our apartment building.  If I don't get started and keep at it I'll miss it. 
I did pick up some BTS items for our church.  The mission will be one of the recipients of some of the items.  They have already started school here, yes, before Labor Day.  How about you?   Are your young ones already cruising the halls of the local schools?
Have yourselves a well deserved Labor Day Rest.  Enjoy a wonderful picnic and join in on the local fishing contest.
Blessings to all of you!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Spring is here!!!

It feels like summer though.  Temperatures have hit the 90's here.  How about the weather where you live?  Is it rainy, hot or are you still getting snow?

 I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day.  I was treated to lunch at my son's house.  He grilled outside and, man, did it all taste good.  I went to see my granddaughter and 2 great grands later that afternoon.   I love spending time with my family.  My daughter called.  I sure miss her since she moved an hour and a half away. She is coming for a visit today and I'm so excited. 

My oldest great grand turned 3 on May 1.  Wow, where did the time go?   Shayda had a great cake, made by her mom, with lots of gifts and people to play with.  She is a very lucky little girl.

Next month I get to go spend a week or so with my mom, sister, daughter and others.  I really enjoy staying with mom & sis.  I just won't make a pie this time.  lol

Mercy, the spring allergens are bad this year.  I think it is just a shame to run the air conditioner instead of being able to get outside and enjoy.  But The Lord knows what he is doing and I do trust him.  There are plenty of people to visit in my apartment complex.

I leave you with this--I hope you all have your beautiful flowers planted and working on a plan for a garden.  Stay safe---no sunburns.

God Bless,

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Good Morning!

What a whirlwind these past 2 months have been.  While it is good to stay is also so good to slow down a bit.
I was helping my sister, who had back surgery, during the month of Febr.  Mom lives with sis and her husband, so I did a bit of double duty during that month.  Fixing meals for more than just myself proved to be quite taxing.  Funny at times though..I'd made a Coconut Cream Pie for dessert one night. was coconut cream pudding in a crust when we cut into it.  It still tasted yummy and was good for a few laughs.

As my sister began to feel better, we were able to go to the Goodwill a few times.  For us, that is always fun.  Cruising the aisles looking for the patriotic stars & stripes items that we both decorate our bathrooms in was a fun game, and we share very well, so no problems.  

Since I'm the newly appointed secretary for church, the first Sunday home was potluck followed by our monthly meeting.  God knows what I am capable of better than I do myself, Praise Him for giving me strength to handle this new position.

I started Pulmonary Rehab Therapy yesterday.  Seems I'm in need of a bit more lung strength.  It was a mild session and quite fun...until I woke up this morning and muscles in other places disagreed, lol.  Again, Praise the Lord for helping me through.  Every part of my life He is right there with me and always has been.  I need to remember to thank Him many times during each day.

With that I will close in hopes that this day will give you, too, many opportunities for Thanks.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Am I

behind on posting...again?  Guess that is my middle name.  The hurridier I go the behinder I get.  Come on, fess up....that has to apply to at least one person besides me.
I am pleased to be reading the happy Christmas news from everyone.  I went 100 miles away for a 5 day vacation starting Christmas Day.  They all knew I was mom just refused to accept it until I walked in the door.  It was a lovely visit with everyone and I plan on going back around Valentines Day, weather permitting, naturally.
My sister and her hubby celebrate 15 years of wedded bliss this Valentines Day.  I am pushing them to go somewhere and get away for a couple days and I can be with mom.  Who knows what the "Cards" hold.
My niece made her special meatloaf during my visit.  My, it was delish.  Best I've ever had, she even told me her secret, naturally I've forgotten already, so will call her when I get ready to mix mine up.
I even got in on my Uncle's Ham and Lima Bean Soup while there.  MMM, all kinds of goodies.
Now the not so fun part.  Back to eating sensibly and getting back to my proper weight.  I made and ate way too many candies, bad girl.  lol
Got to see one of my best friends too.  They have a new 10 week old English bulldog who "attacks" their other Shetland Pony sized dog.  Such fun watching them and visiting with my friend.
The day after I got home it snowed and we still hadn't gotten rid of the other 8 inches of that wonderful white stuff.
So the good Lord was watching out for me again, as he always does.
Happy New Year to you all!