Friday, April 30, 2010

Garden Time is around the corner.

Unless you are in the South and have already planted. The Tulips are blooming and beautiful.

I got to call my brother-in-law, again, 2 days ago. I locked my car keys in the trunk. DUH?? I always put them in my pocket immediately.....except I was holding my mom's keys in the other hand. Guess I thought I had things covered. The Lord had told me to leave the window open a crack earlier in the day. That is all my BIL needed to get in. Mercy, how easy it would be to steal a car.

So far I have been to my mom's twice and my daughter's twice. Next is the baby lady. She is past her due date so I reckon Shayda is waiting for me to get there. What a thoughtful great granddaughter. LOL

I'm making this short but know I am thinking of you while I am loving every precious minute of family time.