Thursday, August 5, 2010

Can you hear the bones in my neck cracking?

That's from hanging my head in shame..........again.
No excuse, Summer just took over. I can't believe I have not posted in over 1 month.
I need jailed. Can we use those big noodle swimming things as bars on my cell???

I am getting ready to go visit my mom next week. It's just a little over an hour from here and I miss my mama. We always have a good time together. It is such a blessing to have her still with us. My sister is in the same town so I think we will be kept busy. Plus, I love their Goodwill store, it is awesome and reasonable. How many of you folks out there are Goodwill, etc. shoppers??? I just grew up with this and it is the thrill of the hunt for me. Do I need any clothing..No....will I buy anymore....Probably. LOL Nor do I need anymore wooden surfaces to paint on although I will likely get a couple. (I am so bad)

Last Saturday was the 40th Anniversary of my girlfriend and her husband. Wow, when you see the number it is a BIG wow. Lots of folks don't stay together that long. My daughter and I were the "surprise" and boy she sure was shocked. Her husband's 2 brothers came from another neighboring town. They say women run off at the mouth a mile a minute when they get do these 3 guys, it was good to see him have a good time too. Plus, I got to see 2 other friends that I have not seen for a long time.

Sickness did grab us all like a Ferris Wheel there for awhile during this past month we just spread it around and around. Sure am glad it is done with.

Blessings to you all and see you after vacation.