Thursday, May 31, 2012

I'm Back.

If I can figure out the new Blogger, that is.  lol  Everything has changed way too much for this foggy brain.

We are done for the summer as far as feeding the Mission Kids.  I know I needed a break.  A bit too much on my plate, will try not to overload from now on.

My niece and her boyfriend are moving back to her hometown.  They pulled in to gas up their "convoy".  My sister called and asked if I could come and see her for a few minutes.  You bet, it's been over 2 years and I miss her like all get out.  She had her big smile on and my heart just melted to get to see her for a few.  I will be making a trip back there as soon as I can.  She is a CNA and had her first interview just a couple of days after they got home.  You can't tell that I am just thrilled can you?  LOL

I finally found a simple way to clean my gourds.  I had heard that many folks just put them in a trash bag with soap and water for a few hours in the sun.  I took a short cut and used hot water and it worked perfectly.  So I'll get to crafting on these in a couple of days.  I'm really excited.

I've finally got a lawyer willing to work with me on a certain matter that is way overdue.  I am thrilled.  After you get beat on by your spouse, it is just time for the big D. 

My great grandkids are growing up too darn fast.  I enjoy it so much when I get to spend time with them.  Abel is 9 months old and Shayda is 2 years.   They are so precious.

Ok, enough blabbering.  Now to see how it looks when I hit Publish.  Enjoy starts in just a few hours.