Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sardines, anyone?

Our mobile home has 4 generations of people living in it and while it can get like Sardines, the 6 of us are all family, and I'm loving it. BTW, anytime now there will be a new little sardine. He just isn't quite finished baking yet, lol. God will put him here when HE is ready.

My 14 month great granddaughter has been zipping all over these last 3 weeks. She was crawling before and decided walking is faster. Shayda is such a little love, she always has kisses for me. We sing songs and dance and she loves this too.

I didn't see it but got to hear the tale, Shayda was laying on her mama's tummy when her brother kicked. She reared up her head and slapped him back. lol Oh yes, we will have to watch her closely when he gets here. But she gives her dolls hugs and kisses so once he is here in person, I think we will be just fine.

I attended a Beth Moore Conference a month ago. The prayers and singing were wonderful and to hear her speak was such a treat. I splurged and bought a pink "I Am Living Proof" Heb. 4:12 T-Shirt. Because Yes, His word is living and active in me. I am so grateful to Him for putting in motion all things so I could attend this conference.

I hear a tiny hand slapping at the door to my room so have a wonderful Saturday everyone.