Monday, September 6, 2010

How do your allergies grow?

Wow, a wonderful fall season is upon us......and so are the allergies. Mercy, I thought the spring allergies would be the last till the furnace got kicked on. Boy was I wrong. Crawling around under my bed today probably didn't help. Ya Think?? Oh well, I can at least rub my eyes in cooler temperatures. lol

I sincerely hope your Labor Day Celebrations have all been pleasant. We had relatives stop in to visit on Thursday and it was nice to have the company. Otherwise, it has been quiet here with just a tad of cooking and working tossed in for good measure. Soup time is so close. I am anxiously awaiting it too. I had my "I want to try this" soup recipies out earlier today. Nothing better than a pot of soup and cornbread or crackers. Yum!

I had officially started my Christmas shopping last March. Then it got put on hold during the move and getting settled. I put it into high gear two weeks ago and am doing price checks and such. I've also had a little luck in the area of winning that has crossed off two. I know our church will be helping out where needed with families this year, and the giveaways are being good in that area also. It helps when you know the age and can enter accordingly. Thank you Lord for allowing me to get a leg up on your Birthday for this year.

I have a toy poodle who was just jumping up and down and scratching my legs, looked at the clock and sure was her suppertime. Amazing that they know when it is. Or could it be they just can't stand the empty stomach any longer??? (We'll never really know.) lol

Have patience all you moms out there. School resumes tomorrow. So when you get the wee ones off on the bus, sit on back and take a little nap before you tackle that ceiling high mound of laundry. EWE. Better make that a long nap and maybe it will be gone when you wake up. I hear tell of a Laundry Fairy and I will always hope.
Have a good evening.