Sunday, October 31, 2010

Oh What Fun It

was after the garage sale. It was such a cold day in their town and the sun had been shining when I left home. So I wore shorts. Here I sat, the cashier, with a borrowed hoodie, a blanket around my legs and my sister even went in and got me gloves. LOL, what a sight to see. I had two of my friends show up to visit a bit and that was when the laughing got started and it didn't stop. So cold it was but oh the fun we had. It ended up being only a one day sale. They told me they had a storm that night and it was raining. But they were happy with what they made and that is all that counts.
I was able to bring one of my friends home with me. So we had two days to giggle, play card games and laugh ourselves silly. We even went to a Huge Craft Show on Saturday and OH what a lot of wonderful things there were. If I had more room, I would have bought a few of the beautifully done gourds. Then we went for a late lunch which we enjoyed immensely. Her husband came and got her on Sunday and I sure hated to see her go.
I received an unexpected gift in the mail this week. My cousin from South Carolina sent me a box of SHELLED pecans. This makes the 3rd year I have been a recipient of these yummy pecans. I already used some in the brownies I fixed for a church gathering this evening. It is an outside gathering and it is cold out, so I won't be going. What a Halloween. The Jump-A-Roo is surfacing again and the kiddos should really enjoy that. So, here's wishing you all a Happy Halloween and a Great November beginning tomorrow. Almost a whole month to get that shopping done before Thanksgiving. Enjoy!