Friday, October 23, 2009

Hello My Two Followers

I have missed you. lol

I would much rather do gourds, painting, beading, and just general Christmas gift making than that nasty four letter word called work.

Houses need cleaned, food needs cooked, floors need scrubbed, (yes, I still do that.) We won't say how, but it gets done. So when I am absent it is with good reason.

I have also not felt well. So forgive me until I return, and I must now find out why this Save Now button is automatically doing an autosave. GRR. Catch ya later


  1. I miss you TOO! Far as house cleaning.....I believe is just staying one step ahead of the State Health for me. LOL

  2. Missed you too. That auto save button is a great built in device in cause of a power failure or in case you accidently close a can always go into your EDIT POSTS and retrieve what you had already done. So throw it a kiss everytime it does's all good Babe!