Thursday, January 7, 2010

I Must Be An Alien!!

Surely there is nothing else in this world that would drag me out of bed before 6 in the morning, is there? Oh yeah, I feel like a truck ran over me, that's it. LOL The aspirins will kick in pretty soon.

I got a call from my oldest granddaughter last night. She was finally able to get "home" from her nurses schooling to open Christmas gifts. When she got to what we'd given her, she saw the picture on the box and had to ask her mom, "Is this really what's in the box?" I nearly fell off the chair laughing. (Our family is famous for trickery in some form) She said she wanted to know if picture and contents matched before she started getting all excited and jumping around. I love her so. She was given an Expresso Machine I had won. The Lord knew when to allow my name to get picked, he always does.

So, how's your New Year Going? I sincerely hope it is Happy and content......Oh yeah, and Healthy. (I'll get to that part yet)

Let me know what your weather is doing too. It is an Artcic front going through my corner of this state. Ground blizzards and frozen water pipes. But this weather is nothing compared to other states. Mercy.

I shall go nurse myself back to health now (cough, cough). Pleasant day to ya.


  1. How awesome! I love to hear stories when people win great giveaways. How great of you to share it with her.

  2. must run in the family!!!! Christmas Eve, as you know...we all gather at Brad's house. This year Donna and Miles came too. Love it when they are able to make it. Well, we start passing out gifts and I get this rather large box from Donna and Miles...and I take off the pretty paper and low and behold I found a toaster inside...I got so excited!!! My poor old toaster has about seen it's day when it comes to looks and this new one was nice and shinny!! So I thank them and I sat the box down on the floor and continued opening gifts. Next thing I know Donna handed me the box back and told me to open it, so I did. One quick glance inside the flap told me my nice shinny toaster would have to wait.

    Inside I found a GOB of goodies...all handmade especially for me. I won't list them all here...but I have to tell you about one of the items.

    In the very bottom of the box was this plastic wrapped item...and when I got the plastic off it and unfolded it...there it was....a BEAUTIFUL hand quilted sweatshirt jacket that she had designed herself. I broke into tears...she knew I have wanted a sweat shirt jacket for so many years....and now I have one that is so precious to me.

    Did I mention it is BEAUTIFUL??????


  3. MERCY she practiced a bit of restraint for once...HAHAHA I am glad you BOTH liked what ya got from me this Christmas! THAT makes my day!