Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday. This one is snow packed and c-c-cold.

So much so that it kept us from church this morning. Either that or hubs got lazy, not sure which. lol

It is the perfect day for "finally" painting on my canvas bag....if hubs goes and gets me a specific item from the shed. I got some vibrant colored paint from my favorite craft store, "Hobby Lobby". I could and have spent hours in there just looking at all the things I want to do. I'd need to live to 140 to complete half of them but it sure is fun to look. (Safe to leave the credit card home as we are getting full up in our house) I like to go there to shop for Christmas for the Grandkids if I am not making things.

Have got some frozen chicken stock unthawing in the pot will whip up the noodles when it is ready, mmmmmmmm, I could eat chicken and noodles at least once a week.

May the Lord Smile upon you all,


  1. LOL....I just posted in a forum that Hobby Lobby is on my list of to-do's Friday, when Donna gets here! Got to go to Lowes too and get some wood for a few signs I want to paint. I love crafting even if I'm not the greatest at it!!

  2. Hobby Lobby, wow I have NOT heard that in a long time!! growing up we had one then they closed, :(
    Cant wait to see a picture of you bag!!

  3. Hey, replying to you from

    I'd rather not announce my specific location on the web, so please email me. :)
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