Friday, April 30, 2010

Garden Time is around the corner.

Unless you are in the South and have already planted. The Tulips are blooming and beautiful.

I got to call my brother-in-law, again, 2 days ago. I locked my car keys in the trunk. DUH?? I always put them in my pocket immediately.....except I was holding my mom's keys in the other hand. Guess I thought I had things covered. The Lord had told me to leave the window open a crack earlier in the day. That is all my BIL needed to get in. Mercy, how easy it would be to steal a car.

So far I have been to my mom's twice and my daughter's twice. Next is the baby lady. She is past her due date so I reckon Shayda is waiting for me to get there. What a thoughtful great granddaughter. LOL

I'm making this short but know I am thinking of you while I am loving every precious minute of family time.



  1. Marj,

    You are just busy spreading your love around! Thankful however that you were able to get your car open. This is when you are thankful for doors with keyless entry. No I don't have one of those yet but perhaps sometime in the future.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  2. Ok...time to get some extra keys made...put one in your purse somewhere! Get your tail to Lincoln, before Shayda decides she is tired of waiting on you!!!

    Love and hugs to all my family!! Ü

  3. Oh Yes been there done that with the keys, but thank God someone was smiling down you that day. I always say my grandmother is watching over and helping me on those days :)

    Planting yup got to get on that!