Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I got a big Surprise on Friday.

And not a good one, although it turned out well.

I had to put my dog down on Tuesday and cried for 2 days. Those of you who have pets will know what I mean. I was too tired to cry on Thursday and on Friday I went to the Dr. to get my blood pressure meds. tweaked. After she found out my chest and arm had been hurting for 4 days she did a lot of tests and off to the hospital I went, by ambulance.

I had a heart cath on Saturday morning and they put a stent in the artery that was 90% closed. I got to go home on the same day. I thank the Lord for looking out for me. He knew when to get me to the Dr. Praise God!

So if you get pain in your chest, shoulder, back and left arm, don't be stubborn like I was, go to the Dr. or the ER. Your family will be glad you did as well as yourself.


  1. I'm so sorry about your dog and so glad you are doing okay.

  2. First, I'm sorry about your dog!
    It's a good thing you went to the doctor. I'm glad you are okay!