Thursday, December 22, 2011

Santa's on his way.

Hurray! I'm actually all ready with gifts wrapped and tucked under the tree.

Such peace has made its way into my heart after reading the "get out the Kleenex" story my cousin just sent. I know I've read it for several years now and after the tears comes the Peace. It is an awesome Christmas feeling, one that I'm hoping you all have settle within you as we draw closer to the Christ Child's birtday celebration.

We were very lucky and only got a small spattering of snow last night and all of the first heavy snowfall had melted, so we are doing great.

I shared my Cherry Mash candy recipe with my granddaughter yesterday. I have not heard how it turned out yet. My daughter and I made it one year and the cherry part did not set up, we used spoons if we wanted some of it. Hilarious. (Now I realize it needs to boil a bit longer if the humidity is high) Never too old to learn.

Our church has a service on Christmas Eve that I will be attending and then On Christmas morning we are not having Sunday School, just the Church Service. I'm tickled pink that Christmas falls on Sunday this year.

May you be richly blessed this Christmas and enjoy the love around you.

Merry Christmas.

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