Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Have been doing a project today!

Part of a Secret Sister gift for someone at church. We have an "unveiling" on Saturday Febr. 13. I have never been a part of Secret Sister anything in my life. Just know I'm having so much fun with it. All gifts are to be handmade.......or not cost more than $7.12.

Most farm and ranch folk are pretty crafty....mostly out of necessity. It sure does come in handy at times though. A homemade gift is so appreciated by me, and I am sure everyone else feels the same.

Imagine, we are all in the upper class now since "frugal" and "green" are two words that are now actually popular and not looked down upon. Hurray! We is part of the IN crowd. lol, never mattered to me either.
Time to boogie.
TaTa for now.

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