Thursday, January 14, 2010

I'm gearing up to restart

cake decorating again. It seems like over a decade.........oh, wait, it was, since I first learned how. Taking classes with 2 of my friends in Nebraska. We had so much fun and boy did we turn out cakes.
My oldest child loves that frosting to this day. Just give her a gallon of frosting for her birthday. She'd be happy as a lark.

Her high school graduation cakes were made by her mama. Together we made her daughters sweet 16 b-day cakes. A pair of blue jeans and a pizza cake. lolol. She loved them.

So tell me, are you going to re-start anything this year???? And diets don't count........they never count. Remember that. lol The IN thing is changing your lifestyle eating habits. That just sounds so wrong...........I don't want a gallon of cake frosting either though.

Give something a try and let me know what it is, was or were. Until later.

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