Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Welcome to our

much appreciated blustery rainy day. I know we needed some rain and it has given out fits and spurts so far. Yet, it looks like it will open up and pour any minute, I'm hoping for the latter.

My Uncle had to go through here yesterday for an appointment in a larger city, so on the way back he and my cousin stopped and brought a monitor. So I can once again get on the computer. Hurray!! Praise be to God for making it all possible. My old monitor, which really isn't old, it is a flat screen, anywhoooo, it just decided to up and give me lots of static lines all through while I was attempting to read. Now I do have an old, take up the whole desk nearly, monitor.........but it works and I am so tickled to have that cousin of mine just happen to have one laying around in his way. He told me, NO, he definately does not want it back. LOL

I was able to take a ride with my daughter this morning. It felt nice to be out and about with her, even when her allergies are driving her crazy. It was pleasant to visit with her for a couple of hours. We don't usually have that time together since she works the night shift, so is sleeping during the day. The Lord provides on so many levels and I am so thankful.

I was a very pampered Mom; on Sunday my daughter got chinese food for us and on Monday I was treated to lunch by my son and daughter. And the answer is no, I have not gotten on the scale since back to back luncheons. There is always time for the sits there day after day........just waiting, like a circling buzzard. Sometimes it has to wait a long time between visits from me. lol

Well fiddlestix, the sun is out....I must be off and go outside for another round of rain dancing. Picture this, a __ish woman, outside in a t-shirt and shorts holding her oxygen bag while doing a rain dance. Darn near choked on my cough drop there. lol


  1. Rain dance ... hehe love it. I think us in WA are getting it for you ;)

    Yeah to the new monitor :)

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