Tuesday, June 21, 2011

First Day of Summer

I can't believe the days are flying by so fast. They say as you age, time flys by and, by George, I'm beginning to believe it. lol
We had our little Shaydabug with us for a couple of weeks, her Daddy too. He was looking for a job here and finally has found construction work. Too bad we've had so much rain. Getting struck by lightning wouldn't be a good thing.
We all spent five hours over at my son's house last night since he has a basement and there were tornado's touching down all around us. It is always good to get to visit with them as our lives take us in such different directions.
Shayda bug crawls all over the place, she can walk, just doesn't do it often. She will when she is ready. No is a favorite word now and pitching fits is a thing we saw regularly. She cut numerous teeth all at once and is working on more so I do suppose she feels like pitching a fit with that pain. They are all moving here to be closer to the rest of the family and that is happening this very week-end. They'll be staying here until they can save for a place of their own. It will be fun to have a houseful, plus, my granddaughter likes to cook also. Yippie, I get some much needed help in that area.
I am going to be gone a couple of days. I am so anxious to go hear Beth Moore speak. No drop outs yet, so still 7 of us going. Hurray. I have been informed to take plenty of Kleenex. I've got lots of handkerchiefs packed.
May you all have a blessed day.


  1. Sound like you will be having a wonderful summer.

    It is hard to believe summer is here in Pennsylvania. Still cool and really rainy.

    Have a great time with your family

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